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SAP Listens to Customer Feedback

SAP Customer Experience Matters

SAP Listens is SAP’s program to listen, engage and act upon customer feedback. During 2015, SAP send out close to 16,000 invitations to customers asking for their feedback and to evaluate the impact SAP has on their business. Over 40% responded to the SAP Listens Customer Relationship survey and shared their insight.


What have customers told SAP?

Customers are clear on their expectations of SAP and what they need the most. SAP should:

  • Continue the efforts in maintaining the quality of software solutions and services, as results show that customers are highly satisfied with this.
  • Run simple and reduce complexity to ensure continued focus on how customers consume and experience SAP software.
  • Strive to strengthen the partner ecosystem to enhance the experience further.


SAP is now analysing the feedback in more detail to shape actionable improvements in the areas that deliver the most value to customers.


How can I get involved in SAP Listens?

  • SAP offers User Groups/Special Interest Groups the opportunity to delve into the findings and share insights influencing your SAP experience. Please contact [local SAP User Group liaison] or
  • Once a year SAP will send the SAP Listens Survey to multiple roles within each customer organisation. If you wish to find out more please contact your SAP Account Executive or use the contact details provided on the website:  


What does it mean to me?

  • A path to provide more actionable inputs and help identify what matters most to you
  • An opportunity to ensure alignment of SAP’s focus and actions with your priorities.
  • Your opportunity to feedback to SAP on your experience with a simple survey that takes less than 5 minutes


How does SAP Listens work?

The SAP Listens Customer Relationship survey is executed by third party survey vendor (Medallia) and consists of a small set of questions designed to gauge the quality of customer interactions with SAP. Customers are asked to rate their “likelihood to recommend SAP” on a scale from 1 to 10, followed by questions around specific areas such as Business Value, Ease of doing Business, Software, Relationship and Consulting, Education and Support Services from SAP. Customers also have the opportunity to provide feedback on SAP Partners.


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